Marine Biology | Finolhu Baa Atoll - Maldives


Marine Biology

Our resident Marine Biologist offers unsurpassable insight into the incredible Biosphere
Reserve in which Finolhu is located. All marine biologist-led activities are designed to
help further the understanding of some of the key features of this complex eco-system,
allowing you to appreciate the reasons why your choice of destination is so unique, and
also why it’s crucial that we protect it. Our marine biology program offers a holistic
approach to marine knowledge with a strong focus on citizen science and an open
sharing platform, so that various organizations such as Marine Megafauna™, Parley™,
One Drop Foundation™, Seakeepers Society™, and Ports of Cause™ can contribute and
partake in our conservation efforts. This is the perfect complement to our “Visiting
Heroes”, whom we host regularly at Finolhu. This all ties in to the overall sustainability
and conservation efforts of the resort management under EarthCheck™.

Our guests can learn about the ocean, pursue an adventure, experience the coral reef
and participate in ongoing research to personally make a difference to our fragile
environment. We currently contribute to MantaMatcher, an online global database
revolutionizing global research on these threatened rays by means of successful and
meaningful public involvement. Our Manta Ray excursion involves an in-depth briefing
about these majestic animals and an introduction on how to contribute to our ongoing
manta ID database.

Another main focus of the marine biology program is turtles. We currently collaborate
with TurtleWatch™ and the Olive Ridley Project™, ongoing open platforms focused on turtle
research across the Maldives. We offer the opportunity for you to join our Marine Biologist
on an exciting adventure to swim with these ancient, fascinating reptiles in their natural
environment at a nearby reef. By sharing your photos with us, you will contribute to our
ever-growing database of turtles, which is in turn shared with TurtleWatch™