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Visiting Practitioners

At The Cove Club, we regularly host visiting practitioners that offer specialized treatments and activities, from Yoga and Meditation to Strength and Conditioning training. All of our innovative programs by our Visiting Practitioners are designed to leave you feeling energized and inspired during your holiday. We are proud to offer our guests the latest and most effective developments in wellness, health and beauty. 

Previous Visiting Practitioners



Ocean Bloom is an internationally renowned bodywork therapist, who provides deep healing facilitation and transformative life changing treatments. She has worked with high profile celebrities, athletes, and first response trauma survivors. Oceans passion, devotion and knowledge comes from her 25 year career as and World Fitness Champion, wellness coach and Retreat leader. Her skill set includes yoga, breath work, Thai Yoga Massage, and Emotional Clearing Techniques from extensive studies throughout South East Asia.


Christopher Mitchell Allen

Christopher is an international health and wellness coach with over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry. He has worked with professional athletes and beginners throughout North America and South East Asia. His skill set includes Mixed Martial Arts, Yoga, Meditation, Detox, Weight Loss and Strength and Conditioning. Christopher has a love for life and movement. He is excited to share his passion with you in a transformative session that will leave you feeling energized and inspired.