Quirky ARABIAN BOHO dinner on Sundays.


Take your taste buds on a journey through the delicious dishes of the Middle East at our ARABIAN BOHO dinner.

Begin with Arabic Cold Mezze such as Hummus and Babaganoush then traditional soups like Harira (lamb and chickpea) and Shorbat Adas (lentil).  Heartier dishes include Fakhid Maa Riz (slow roasted leg lamb with rice), Shish Tawouk (chicken kebab), Lamb Makanek (tiny sausages), Robean Mashouwi (Tiger prawn with Harrah sauce), Chicken Shawarma, Fried Kibbeh, Arabic Salads, Savoury Pies and leavened and unleavened breads with a range of toppings. And to end perhaps Date pudding, Assorted Baklava or Persian saffron rice pudding.


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