Groovy BE WILD CRAB, CLAW, AND SOAR on Saturdays.


 Attention all seafood lovers; this is your night with the BE WILD; CRAB, CLAW AND SOAR dinner, with more types of mouth-watering seafood than you can imagine. And plenty of choices for those who don't love things fishy.

Head over to this seafood restaurant in Maldives to start with come 'Cold Cuts' like a Ceviche of Reef Fish, Tiger Prawns, Crab or Mussels. Follow these with Shellfish Bisque, Sautée d Calamari, Sri Lankan Crab curry, Coconut fish curry, Thai Fish Cake, Seafood Dumpling or Steamed Fish with tamarind sauce. And as well as the vast array of salad and vegetable dishes there's plenty for meat lovers including Beef Medallions, Chicken Escalopes and Lamb cutlets. Besides the range of ice creams and sorbets, guests may select from German chocolate cake, Carrot cake with cream cheese, Salted peanut butter mousse with genoa bread and peanut brittle, Pistachio pudding with vanilla anglaise and Coconut and peach tart.

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