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A La Carte Excursion

A La Carte Excursion

Choose your boat and the pace of your adventure & we can create any excursion to your liking

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Summer is coming and what better way to welcome our guests than joining forces with other resorts in Baa Atoll to offer our best, as a destination?

Finolhu Dollars

Chic Luxury At Retro Prices. Groovy, Baby!

Sloop John B experience

A luxuriously appointed fully air-conditioned Dhoni

Vismara experience

On “The Vismara” with style

Surf’s Up!

Explore the endless summer breaks with us

The Great Barracuda

Experience the Maldivian blue waters by setting off on a traditional Maldivian watercraft – a Dhoni

Discover Scuba Diving

 The Dive Butler team will be jazzed to welcome you to Finolhu’s state-of-the-art Dive Centre

X Jet Blade

Fly, Swirl & Soar high above


Vindhu experience

Join an amazing trip on VINDHU

Super Steaks at BaaHaa Gril on Sundays


Keep Calm and Eat Your Steak!

Bubbles up!

This one is for all the lovely honeymoon couples

Seafood Extravaganza

 Enjoy a wide selection of Seafood.

Pick & Mix

A groovy special offer at The Cove Club


Chilling pilling at The Cove Club!

Chill-pill packages at The Cove Club


Beverage Package

From great wines and cocktails to refreshing beverages for all - we've got it! 

Funky Finolhu Weddings

Got a groovy kind of love? At Finolhu, we derinitely dig it and invite you to the tie the knot in a ceremony you'll flip for

Jet Ski

Feel the adrenaline rush as you race across the ocean exploring remote areas of the beautiful Baa Atoll

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A place where yesterday’s dreams are tomorrow’s memories….