Diving in Baa Atoll

If you’re interested in diving Baa Atoll in the Maldives, Dive Butler will take great care of you. Experience underwater escapades, the Dive Butler team will be jazzed to welcome you to Finolhu’s state-of-the-art Dive Centre. They will hook you up with the latest tech; top-end gear that delivers unforgettable aquatic experiences. A Maldives diving holiday offers excitement and fun. It’s like no dive you’ve ever experienced.

In the Maldives, known for stunning beaches and azure waters, it’s what’s beneath the water’s surface that’s truly exceptional. With coral reefs and an abundance of marine life, the Maldives is a destination that the world’s most experienced scuba divers believe to be one of the best dive destinations in the world. You can expect to see Napoleon wrasse, parrotfish, snappers, fusiliers, jacks and sweet lips to name a few. The Maldives’ channels are a magnet for marine life with its nutrient-rich waters. Explore caves, caverns and overhangs during your Baa Atoll dive with the best Maldives diving package.

No need to freak out if you’re still a diving newbie. You’ll always be under the watchful eyes of our highly certified underwater experts. Dive Butler Finolhu is an SSI and PADI Dive Centre, which offers range of scuba diving courses, from entry level right through to professional certification. We have the ability to help anyone who wants to scuba dive. We go at your pace, ensuring you feel confident when it’s time to dive. It’s important to us that our divers feel comfortable and prepared for real dives.

The handpicked, multilingual instructors are committed to sharing their passion and delight in spreading the wonder and excitement of the underwater world. For certified divers, the small-group philosophy turns every dive into an extra special experience. Dive Butler takes pride in delivering seamless service and attention to detail for every single Baa Atoll dive, and will make sure your aquatic escapades at Finolhu are out of this world.

What you’ll find under the water is a bounty of colour and amazing sights. The marine life of Baa Atoll is breath taking. When you set off for your Baa Atoll dive, you’ll feel a rush of excitement, as you swim with some of the most unique sea life in the world. It’s an experience you won’t soon forget and will think back on for years to come.

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